Menos es más en la tendencia minimalista

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The Hottest Trend Is to Keep It Timeless

Menos es más en la tendencia minimalista
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If it fits like a glove, that is your statement.

— Elle Strauss, senior fashion editor for "Lucky" magazine

El minimalismo ha surgido justo a tiempo para preservar tu cuenta bancaria y para ahorrarte tiempo. De acuerdo con la revista " Women's Health" (salud de la mujer), durante toda la vida, las mujeres se tardan dos años para salir de la casa y se cambian de ropa en promedio dos veces antes de decidirse por un conjunto. El minimalismo sigue la regla de "menos es más", resultando en un aspecto que destila importancia y sofisticación y que debería reducir drásticamente la rutina de la mañana.

Los básicos

Menos es más en la tendencia minimalista
(Getty Images)

When choosing items to suit the minimalist trend, “imagine you’re going on holiday and you’re packing, trying to fit everything in," said Elle Strauss, senior fashion editor of "Lucky" magazine. "You might have a pair of really great jeans, two tank tops, your favorite dress — think of it like that."

Runway looks from Calvin Klein, Phillip Lim and Jil Sander make the simplicity of minimalism seem complicated at first, but, Strauss said, “don’t be intimidated by it." To pull off the look, build your closet around staples -- basic colors like black, gray, white and variations of beige -- and basic styles like to-the-knee dresses, tailored bottoms and structured blazers.

“In the way the French shop, spend a lot on some standout piece and then get other things to wear it with,” Strauss said. To that end, look for investment items that stand on their own -- like a luxurious yet simple topcoat or pieces that can be worn over and over again, like a feminine blouse. Investing in classic pieces makes accessories simply nice to have.

Aspecto uno: el deportivo minimalista

If you want to take the trend in a sportier, more casual direction and you’re bored to death of “basics,” sporty minimalism is for you.

Rummage through your closet for an item made of stretch jersey cotton. Whether it’s a fitted tank top, a maxi dress or long skirt, the fabric allows the piece to hang slim for a well-constructed look that is more relaxed without being sloppy. Pair your selection with a cardigan or a tailored trench coat and a great cuff bracelet.

“I like the idea of minimalism for sporty looks, because you have the tailored look plus the color,” Strauss said.

If you want to be more daring, try a bodysuit in a bold color under a pair of tailored shorts or pants. This will give you a streamlined look that is still comfortable to move around in. A full-on spandex top might be intimidating or uncomfortable for some, so another option is a cotton dress, jumpsuit or skirt in a bold hue like purple, pink or yellow. For those just wanting to add a pop of color, pair a bright cardigan that clings to your frame with something more neutral.

Aspecto dos: colores básicos

Menos es más en la tendencia minimalista
(Getty Images)

Black, white, gray and beige are colors found in abundance in every woman’s closet. Thanks to their versatility, these colors are staples in your minimalist look.

Some women gravitate toward color because neutrals don’t complement their skin tones. If you fit into that category, you could use neutral colors for an item you won’t wear every day as a part of your outfit, like an overcoat instead of a pencil skirt. If you’d rather have color in an overcoat, stick to a minimal design because bold color will make it explosive.

If you do gravitate toward staple colors, half the battle of creating this look is already won. Think tailored pants, a smart blazer with perhaps a satin trim, a beautiful silky blouse and a soft cardigan -- these items can be paired with just about anything.

“This is the year to invest in a perfect pair of black pants,” said Brooke Jaffe, fashion accessories director for Bloomingdale’s. Gray or black tailored pants paired with a feminine, tucked-in, white, button-up blouse and “the perfect topcoat” will set the tone, says Jaffe.

Use a blazer for a suited, professional look for day or over your sheath dress for night. Wear your cardigan over a crisp button-up shirt or a feminine blouse. No matter what you’re wearing, remember that “everything has to be well-fitted," said Strauss. "If it fits like a glove, that is your statement."

If you’re going to include jewelry with a minimal color outfit, just edit it a bit. Minimalism is not about being showy; it’s about quiet sophistication. Strauss suggests layered yet subtle gold jewelry with black bottoms and a white top.

Aspecto tres: la falda lápiz

Fashion always comes full circle, and the pencil skirt is back on the radar. It’s sexy because the cut hints at your curves rather than overtly displaying them. It looks great with a tank top, a finely knit T-shirt, or a blouse and blazer. It’s good for work, for the weekend and for night. Just like the sheath dress, the pencil skirt can stand on its own. As always, the rule here is tailored and at the knee.

“We’re no longer talking about mini-skirts,” Jaffe said. “We’re paying reverence to the woman of the past and bringing her back.”

Wear the piece in a bold color like red or rust, or go for something more traditional like navy or black. Add a pair of slim-lined pumps, and the look is complete.

Aspecto cuatro: el versátil vestido tubo

Whether it''s in a neutral color or a vibrant hue to make it more fun, investing in a tailored sheath dress is key. "The sheath dress is very sleek and ladylike," Jaffe said. While neutral colors are essential to the trend, don’t be afraid to add color in an essential piece, just as long as the look is classic and timeless.

A sheath dress works for any body type, but the key is to make sure it is tailored, but not tight. "We’re talking clean lines, hemline to the knee," said Jaffe. "Kate Middleton is the poster girl for the look."

There are been many variations to the piece, but whether it’s sleeveless, capped or long sleeved, the sheath dress is an all-season multitasker. Wear it with a cardigan and flats or a fitted blazer and clean pumps for night. Add a thin belt to accentuate your waist or wear light jewelry to enhance the ladylike feel of the dress. If you’re feeling bold and your sheath dress is in a neutral black or beige, add a collar necklace for a bit of glamour.

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